Friday, 8 June 2012

Russia fans attack Euro 2012 stewards in Wroclaw, Poland

8 June 2012
Russia fans attacked stadium officials following their team's victory over the Czech Republic in Wroclaw, Poland. Four Euro 2012 stewards were hospitalised.

Article from Sport 360°:

Here is the despicable footage of Russian fans attacking Polish stewards at the Wroclaw stadium following Russia’s victory over the Czech Republic on Friday night, resulting in four people needing hospital treatment.

Russia had just completed a comprehensive 4-1 win over the Czech’s and this group of thugs clearly decided the best way to celebrate the impressive performance was to dish out mindless beatings to stadium stewards.

"After the Russia Czech Republic match a fight broke out. A large number of fans in Russia T-shirts attacked security guards then ran away. Four guards were hospitalized but soon released after receiving first aid," Marcin Herra told TVP INFO (Polish State Television) on Saturday.

"Such things can occur over the next 22 days. If it gets hot, drinks will be consumed and such things can happen. It's a normal situation."

Central to the shot you can see a group of men beating a steward until he is laid on the floor, appearing to be unconscious for several moments before being helped to his feet.

In another section of the footage, another steward is repeatedly punched and kicked in the head and is clearly dazed as he staggers away from the scene.

There have been constant concerns surrounding violence and issues of racism in the lead up to Euro 2012 with players’ families refusing to travel to the region for fear of being subjected to abuse. Tournament orgainsers have tried to play down such fears, but scenes such as this will do little to support their stance.

A little warning though...the footage below is of a violent nature which certain people may find distressing.

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