Friday, 8 June 2012

Ukraine, Russia fans fight in Lviv, Ukraine

8 June 2012
Ukraine and Russia fans exchanged a few punches after Russia's 4-1 win over the Czech Republic. The fight started after a Ukrainian fan had been verbally abused by several Russia fans in Lviv.

Russian and Ukrainian soccer fans scuffled briefly in the streets of Lviv in the early hours of Saturday after watching a Euro 2012 game in the city's fan zone, eyewitnesses said.

Around 15 Russian fans, delighted at their side's impressive 4-1 win over the Czech Republic, left the zone and started shouting and swearing at a smaller group of Ukrainians, said Reuters photographer Marian Striltsiv.

The two sides exchanged a few punches before local police quickly moved in and separated the combatants.

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